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Nappy Bins

Nappy Bins

Designed with robust performance in mind, the Nappease™ from Feme-Care Hygiene has a large 60-litre capacity and easy to service features. With a large, easy to use pedal and contemporary, easy to wipe down design the Nappease also offers end users a simple solution to dispose of nappy waste.

  • - Large 60 litre capacity to suit a range of service cycles
    - Large capacity makes it ideal for high traffic washrooms
    - Clean white finish
    - Contemporary, easy to wipe down design
    - Designed to offer reliable, robust performance
    - Sloped lid prevents heavy items such as bags being placed on top, reducing the risk of breakage
    - Pedal operated for hygienic, no touch disposal of waste
    - Discreet, low friction modesty flap hides bin contents from view
    - Manufactured from ABS plastic for superior performance
    - Bag tidy hooks prevent liners from slipping during use
    - Hidden clip for freshener sachets to ensure powerful, pleasant fragrancing between services
    - Quick, tool free access

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