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Feme-Care Sanitary Towel & Tampon Vending Machines


Sanitary Towel / Tampon Vending Machine

A sanitary vending machine in schools, workplaces and other commercial establishments will ensure that a woman employee, student or client doesn’t have to suffer embarrassment during their menstrual cycles. Meanwhile these also help your commercial space set an impression by expressing public concern and increase overall female worker productivity.

In medical facilities these helps reinstate better hygiene. Besides, it is necessary to recognise that sanitary hygiene items are not just a need but a necessity. Sanitary products vending machines help spread such awareness by tackling taboos associated with menstruation. We can manage your Sanitary Vending Machine services, Sanitary Disposal and Maintenance also.

Features & Benefits

  • Sleek and Modern Design

  • Compact Design ideal for smaller washrooms

  • Available in: Steel White, Black, Silver, Stainless Steel and Chrome

  • Anti-Vandalism Covers

  • Customized to incorporate company logo

  • Refund Button

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